Our Mission

At DMM we are shapers of policy. Together we aim to empower our clients to make the positive change they want in the world. We have a long history of government service and a feel for the rhythm of Washington that places us ahead of the pack. This allows us to deliver sound, specific, and strategic political advice to achieve results and surpass our client’s expectations.

About Us

Be Prepared for Any Challenge,
Big or Small.

We help our clients develop strategies and move forward.

DMM Strategies is a leading government relations firm with an unparalleled commitment to delivering results for a diverse set of clients. Our experience working with all branches of government allows us to deliver targeted solutions on a multitude of issues. 

Located in the heart of Washington, we specialize in developing creative legislative and regulatory solutions that appeal to members of congress across the political spectrum. Having passed major legislation in industries ranging from transportation and renewable energy to health care and consumer goods, we are well suited to develop policy strategies at the national and international level.   


Government Relations
Crisis Management
Relationship Building
Policy Creation

With more than four decades of combined government experience, we’ve seen it all. In our time in DC we’ve learned how to navigate the partisan hallways of government. We are skilled in framing issues to garner wide bipartisan appeal.

Sometimes, life happens. When it does, we know how to handle it. We believe that honesty is the best policy when dealing with the wider public, and that careful planning is the best solution to mitigating any crisis.

Influencing policy is about influencing people. At DMM Strategies we believe the messenger is just as important as the message. We never stop working, because we know that the most important connections are made when you least expect it.

Having worked to pass major legislation in fields ranging from transportation regulation to credit card fee reform, we have experience crafting creative policy fixes for any number of issues.